Best NIU KQi2 Pro Unboxing – How To Get Started?

The NIU KQi2 Pro is an electric scooter that promises to revolutionize your daily commute. Its smooth design, powerful motor, and advanced features make it a standout in the world of e-scooters.

But before you can experience all that this innovative ride has to offer, you’ll need to unbox it and get started.

Once you receive your NIU KQi2 Pro, the unboxing process is straightforward and exciting. Carefully open the package and remove the scooter along with its accessories – including the charger, user manual, and any other extras you may have ordered.Take a moment to marvel at the scooter’s modern design and solid construction as you prepare yourself for your first ride.

To get started with your new NIU KQi2 Pro, begin by reading through the user manual thoroughly. Familiarize yourself with all of its features and instructions on how to operate them safely.

 NIU KQi2 Pro It’s also important to charge the battery fully before venturing out on your maiden voyage. Plug in the charger into a compatible power outlet (don’t forget an adapter if needed) and connect it securely to your e-scooter’s charging port. Wait patiently until it reaches full capacity – this may take several hours depending on how much power remains in the battery when you start charging.

Now that your NIU KQi2 Pro is fully charged, it’s time to hit the road! Turn on the scooter by pressing down on its power button for a few seconds until all indicators illuminate brightly.

NIU KQi2 Unboxing Video

Unboxing vIdeo

What’s Included In The Box?

NIU KQi2 Pro
  • 8 screws
  • Charger
  • And Niu KQi2 electric scooter of course
  • Extra grip tape for the deck
  • Manual
  • Extension nozzle for easier air filling
  • Wrench

How To Assemble The NIU Electric Scooter?

The scooter is nearly complete upon arrival, with the exception of attaching the handlebar. The handlebar is not securely fastened and is only connected by a cable, so caution must be taken to avoid damaging the wiring. Additionally, there are two loose cables visible: one originating from the display and the other from the handlebar post.

NIU KQi2 Pro

First, connect the cables before installing the handlebar. Next, insert the cables into the handlebar post and secure the handlebar in place using screws and a wrench. Once done, the scooter will be fully assembled. Finally, connect the charger and test if the scooter powers on.

How To Install The Niu App?

Once you’ve got your hands on a brand-new Niu scooter, downloading and installing the Niu app is the next essential step to unlock its full potential. The process itself is incredibly straightforward, making it accessible for both tech-savvy individuals and those less familiar with mobile applications. Simply head over to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search for Niu in the search bar, and hit download. Within a matter of seconds, you’ll have the app installed on your device.

NIU KQi2 Pro

After successfully installing the Niu app, don’t miss out on exploring its impressive range of features. From tracking your scooter’s battery life and current location to receiving push notifications for maintenance reminders or riding statistics- this handy tool provides an unprecedented level of control and convenience that enhances every ride.

Also, with regular updates from Niu themselves, new functions are constantly being added to improve user experience further.

How To Bind A Niu Kick Scooter With An App?

One of the coolest features of the Niu kick scooter is the ability to bind it with an app on your smartphone. This not only enhances the overall experience of using the scooter but also adds a layer of convenience and control. So, how can you bind your Niu kick scooter with an app? It’s actually quite simple.

First, ensure that you have downloaded and installed the official Niu app from either the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone. Once installed, open the app and create an account if you don’t already have one. Then, turn on your Niu kick scooter and enable Bluetooth on both your phone and the scooter.

Next, in the app, tap on Add a Vehicle and select Kick Scooter. The app will then search for available scooters nearby. When your scooter appears in the list, simply tap on it to connect. You may be asked to enter a pairing code displayed on your scooter’s screen.

Once connected successfully, you can now access various features through the app such as checking battery status, adjusting riding modes, locking/unlocking scooters remotely, tracking distance traveled, and even updating firmware when new versions are released.

How To Remove The Speed Limiter Of Niu KQi2 E-Scooter?

  • Open the Niu app
  • Click the three dots on the upper right corners
  • Choose ‘Custom Mode’ from the menu
  • Enable the custom mode from the upper right corner
  • Slide the speed limiter to the preferred limit

Final Word

I trust that this brief introductory manual has been beneficial to you. On the whole, the scooter is meticulously packaged, ensuring the safety of all vital components.

Also, both assembly and pairing the scooter with a smartphone are relatively effortless tasks.